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About Viscobond Tapes

Our reputation has been built upon our commitment to quality, unequalled attention to detail and service.    We always aim to provide the best personal service and products at the best value possible.  If you cannot find the tape product you are looking for, that does not mean we don’t have it.  Call us on +353 1 424 7200 or fill out the form and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

We manufacture a range of specialist self-adhesive tapes for industrial clients. These include Acrylic Foam tapes (VHB), PE double sided foams, PE filmics, PE tissues and Hot Melt. We can supply our products in various formats: log rolls, cut rolls, die-cut, spools and custom. We can offer full testing of our tapes and your substrate in our own Testing facilities. Our offices and warehouses are located in Dublin Ireland and Bristol England.

We are happy to discuss any project with you and provide advice so you get the a tape product that exceeds your expectations.  With 80 years of experience we bring to you a wealth of knowledge, based on solutions which we have provided and innovative solutions we have seen across the globe!

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