5965 D/S POLYESTER TRANS 0.185mm Thick

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5965 is a transparent double-sided tape, incorporating a polyester (PET) carrier, 5965 is coated with a modified solvent acrylic adhesive system, and offered with a red translucent release liner, for ease of application.


LSE materials. Automotive ABS plastic parts, EPDM or rubber component, furniture module & decorative trim, battery shell, mirror and touch display electronic devices, lighting and POS.


  • Adhesion to Steel GB/T2792-2014:
    Dwell time 20 mins
  • Static Shearing (Holding Power) GB/T4851-2014(24X24mm):
    1000g 5.76cm²
  • Initial Tack Rolling Ball GB/T4852-2002 (14#steel ball):
  • Solvent Resistent:
  • Temperature Resistant:
    120°C – 180°C short term

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Additional information

Colour Transparent
Thickness 0.185mm
Size 10mm (W) x 50m (L), 12mm (W) x 50m (L), 18mm (W) x 50m (L), 20mm (W) x 50m (L), 25mm (W) x 50m (L)
Quantity 1 Box, 2 Boxes, 3 Boxes
Adhesive Solvent Acrylic
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